Tuesday, 15 January 2013

This is Today and other poems by Elizabeth Haruna

This is Today

It is unique
There is no other day like it in history
And when it is gone
You will never see it again.

I walked down the street and saw the sun glistening on some trees and the crisp packets, littered on the street

I heard the news from the TV interlaced with the hum of a hundred cars jammed tighter than minced meat with their horns singing an inharmonious midday chorus

I felt the hearty laughter of school holiday kids, with jackets hung loose and purses swung low

Ipods.... and All Stars stomping in and out of yesterday's foot prints.

I lived today.

The only day of today-

The only today in time.

And I - will live today again


Blazing Eyes

They blink.

Eyes blazing like a Mexican bull,

In the darkness.

Angry tyres shock me into standing still.

Like a ball shot clear of a cannon

It goes

Flying furiously to get home.

My shopping bag slips

As fruit tins roll out unto the glistening road

I look

And see a signature of smoke...

The only trail left

By the beast of the road.


The silent chemistry of the earth whispers.
What’s in a raindrop?
And it’s vapour-less rise
Back to the sky.
The unexpected burst of waters
Diving - freely to the earth
Suspended, in the awe of our mind.
And above... the brewing clouds stir,
As the heavens- rumble echoes across the valleys of the sky.
Breaking away, like two friends pulled apart
The mourning clouds give way to golden sun.

We stop. We stare
We search.
For an answer

Poems by Bedfordshire writer Elizabeth Haruna.
Artwork by Vensen Kembark.