Tuesday, 25 December 2012

You by Shelley Squires


Choppy waters – beget white, foamy curls of self loathing
And I think to myself……
Savage twister – ripping at reason as the ferocious
Banshee rips foe flesh
And I think to myself…..
Frigid gales – form dirty crystals of frozen pity,
Morsels for the Ego
And I think to myself……
Wild fires – charring-fear aflame down in your core
And I think to myself…..
Torrents of rain – imbue you in the sparkling mire of denial
And I think to myself….
How wistful….the world at your feet yet you forgo the walk

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Element of Chalk and Cheese by Stephen Mordue

Element of Chalk and Cheese

Cut from the same cloth you and I are,

Despite some elements of chalk and cheese,

We meet at the same seam.

The pattern sometimes doesn’t quite line up,

But the stitches reach out their threads to connect.

I sometimes wonder at the patterns you present,

And am often puzzled that, when I thought you were floral,

you demonstrate a different skin,

Sometimes I don’t know where to begin.

I see what is without,

But can’t, at times, see what is within.

We’re cut from the same cloth you and I,

But sometimes insist that we are parts of different garments,

Yet sometimes a beautifully lined jacket we make.

Different as chalk and cheese you and I.

But, like those elements, we’re intertwined forever in the same sentence

and secured at the same seem

Stephen J Mordue is a writer from Durham UK; explorer, philosopher, creator, writer, musician, coffee drinker, inter-twiner of mind, spirit and body. He started out in the realm of creativity as a song writer and performer and is now embracing poetry and painting. Creativity, expression, and experimentation are the keys.

No poetry published as yet. Fresh out of the box so to speak.