Tuesday, 11 September 2012

35 and Other Poems by Nicholas Alexander


At 35 a man feels he has arrived.
The baby on the bed attempting flight.
the older child petitioning hunger.
The woman in the kitchen concocting
a late-night swell-belly meal;
and yet, you wonder why your waist line expands
faster that the runner clocks records.

This expansion lingers in the mind,
recounts the memory of athletic exploits
that seem, now, myths of old:
stories to be told to unbelieving off-springs
who think you're lying
or just downright bragging,
like you thought your father was.

Early Morning Praise

Voices through leaves echo
hollow like half-remembered dreams
of the night before where
pipe-sprung water
like Hopkins' sprung meter
lubricates my parched city-subconscious.

Above me a cutlass sings
sweet serenade to the morning
after the night before
my first experience.

My spirit stretches
heaven-ward like these trees
ascending to God
flown like birds
squawking early morning
praises to the fresh open air.

High Mountain Range

Up here in this high mountain range
one can hardly recall life in the city:

the thick smog of factories and vehicles,
the quick pace of feet to and fro its streets,

the swash-buckle of work, school and traffic,
sound systems and gunshots blasting through the night.

But here, silence! Like an exclamation past anxiety,
an indifference to make a Stoic proud.

Soft chirping birds and tender rustling leaves,
a lonely voice singing redemption there.

The wide open space of vertical trees
littered with exaggeratedly-colorful blossoms.

The nights cold and cramping like ice,
lizards croaking between the savage baying of dogs.

NB: "Early morning praise" and "High mountain range" were previously published in The First Cut(Ireland).

Nicholas Damion Alexander is a teacher of English and Philosophy. His works have been published in The Sunday Gleaner, The Sunday Observer, Caribbean Voice magazine, Small Axe: sx salon, Tongues of the Ocean, Poets against War, A Handful of Stones, The Cartier Street Review, Auckland Poetry, The Black Collegian, Angelfire, Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge, Eos, Truml, Poemhunter, The First Cut and the 'Calabash' anthology So Much Things To Say. In 2008 he was awarded a fellowship with Calabash International Writers' Workshop.He has also been featured on e-Buffet's online magazine: "Postcards from the people of Earth", Squid Inc. and B-Gina.

His blog is: http://nicholasdamionalexander.blogspot.com