Saturday, 7 July 2012

Leaving For Paris by Della Perry

suitcases open on the crumpled bed

lists wrote out ready to be read and reread

crosses out in biro and scribbles in ink

piles of aerosols and soap so we don't stink

holiday is due, stuff for kids me and you

travel sickness pills in case Sean is ill

baby wipes, tissues, plastic bags just a few

bottles of water and biscuits, just the two

pj's pants and socks by the pair

trousers, jumpers and tshirts for us to wear

the camera and films, we take about 3

the shavers, shampoo and makeup for me (bloody need it i do)

the four toothbrushes and brand new toothpaste

shoved in on the morning in our haste

passports at ready and tickets at hand

eager to get off the ferry and back on dry land

the mobile phone and wallet with some money

nearly forgot these, it wasn't bloody funny!!

swimming trunks and cozzie ready for the pool

will shave my GEORGE BUSH,  (I don't as a rule) cough, cough

a couple of towels to keep us dry

a big sloppy kiss and a wave goodbye

we're reay, we're off to Disney in Paris

where we'll have a break and sit on our 'HARRIS'

we'll meet mickey mouse and minnie too

we'll send you a postcard saying 'miss you'

we won't mean it, we'll be having too much fun

to give a shit what you're doin at um

bed and breakfast we've got in Santa Fe

we'll see you again when it's nearly May

so TA-RA for now and happy holiday!!

The Author
Della works as a Teaching Assistant in her local Primary School in the Dudley area of the West Midlands. She is married to Darren and has two sons, Ian 18 and Sean 13.

She started writing at a young age and her love of reading was encouraged by her late Aunt. Since working in school she has written many poems for the children that are used to help in the lessons, she also loves art and her artwork is used for displays in and around the classroom.

‘I’ve always loved writing, especially poetry, jotting my thoughts and dreams down in diaries. I have found it an outlet from everyday life and through writing have met so many people, it is a truly amazing form of art.’