Thursday, 24 May 2012

Orna Ross' 'Ten Thoughts About Love' - Poetry Review by kaleeM rajA

Orna Ross' ‘Ten Thoughts About Love’ Review by kaleeM rajA

The slimness of this volume belies the extraordinary power encased within the covers.
Ross's verse is technically brilliant, emotionally beguiling and at times startling.

The poems show the hallmarks of an experienced and adroit writer who effortlessly demonstrates the far reaching things language can do across the small span of 10 poems.
The language, when Ross chooses to charm her readers, is achingly beautiful ('In the amber of late October', 'May the blessing of the soft rains be on your house') and at other times, delivers a shocking punch ('those harsh, embittered words you said, the love they slapped away').

In the triptych poem 'Salema Moods', Ross demonstrates her range and mastery of language. The first part 'Ocean Pulse' brilliantly mimics the welter of the protean waters through choppy rhythm and a bombastic bombardment of words ('Rising, curling, foam unfurling'); the second part enters into a lilting, dream-like internal monologue'; and in the last of the trilogy, the language is clipped and lucid.

In 'Surfacing' Ross puts to great use the extended metaphor of troubled waters, drowning and saving a sinking relationship. In 'Spinning Still' extraordinary line breaks spark the subject and meaning alive and contort language into unexpected cadences.

Great lines and turns of phrases abound ('I've been here before but now I'm here for healing', 'my strange need to go too deep', 'knowing how it came to end is how mine must begin') and Ross's intelligent word play at times is tremendous (''Thou Shalt Nots' ruled their days and ours').
The words are carefully selected and the sounds they engender meticulously composed through sound juxtapositions. There are fewer better examples of masterfully crafted poetry than the last one in the volume, 'A Reply & An Answer' in which the two verses mirror one another in imagery, words, sounds and structure.

A powerhouse of a poetry collection.
This reader recommends it thoroughly.

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

TIME Poems by Clive Gresswell: 'TIMe' & 'City'

T I M e

Ti me trick les pass 
Tha serpent o mi youff
In form s
Maj est ick enter prise
A t 1 wiv al l k now ing
Cert ain ty.


The all-electric sky hawks
eating clouds of acid rain
flashing acrid plumage
more innocent times
saw ranting children
banned from schools
wearing bandanas
cloaked in the bureaucracy
the illuminati hand raised
down rivers and across bridges
soaked in diamond playing cards
strange said Alice
a stage of suicide
torn from her eyes
in mock sorrow
forming  tears of incredulity
falling to the ground
a message from the governor
bow to his 1984 preposition
Prescribing Pepto-Bismol
for better times
bankers  along conveyor belts
grab at 1960s daisies
growing out of garbage cans
in the strung-out polluted city.

The Author: Clive Gresswell is a Luton based poet who has been writing for more than 20 years. He is a member of the reVerse View poetry group and is currently studying a bachelor degree in Creative Writing at the University of Bedfordshire.